Chandler Middle School may close

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For the 7th straight year it appears Chandler Middle School on the city's northside will fail to meet federal academic standards. Richmond's superintendent is now recommending the school be closed.

Nearly 300 kids and 40 teachers call Chandler Middle School home. Enrollment is steadily dropping and the test scores are not climbing fast enough.

In the 1960's, Chandler Middle made history. It was the first Richmond school to be integrated.

It's an 84 year staple of the north Richmond community and it's now in danger of becoming history.

"It is difficult and it is frustrating. Everything that we do we try to do to the highest quality we can for the benefit of the boys and girls that we serve," said Richmond Assistant Superintendent Ronald Carey.

Last year only 51 percent of students passed their math SOL's. Well below the 75 percent bench mark set by the federal government.

In english 60 percent passed. 77-percent is needed for the school to pass.

This is the 7th and final year under no child left behind for the school to improve its scores. Students here won't even take their SOL's for several more months. But the early indications are not enough students will pass

"No decisions have been made as of yet. The data looks grim. As far as what our options will be," said Richmond School Board Vice-chair Kim Gray.

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