Environmentalists warn of the dangers of e-waste

From NBC12 News

HENRICO, VA (NBC12) - Dozens of people were able to get rid of their unwanted electronics while helping the environment at the same time.

This was the scene at Ukrops on Staples Mill in Henrico County as people dropped off everything from computers to electric skillets.

Organizers say recycling your electronics is much safer for the enviroment than throwing them away.

"The electronic materials, mostly computers anything with a circuit board in it is put together with metals that are considered toxic," said Central Virginia Waste Management Authority spokesperson Dick Howe. "The screens of televisions and monitors have lead in them, so it's to keep toxic materials out of the waste stream or the water."

Central Virginia Waste Management hosts many of these electronic recycling events.

Just keep your eyes out for one in your area.

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