Officials offer tips for using D.C. Metro system

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Posted by Colby Rogers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (WWBT) On a normal day, the D.C. metro system purrs along at a rapid pace, but come Jan. 20, life will be much different.

"We will carry as many people as we can, but we are not going to be able to carry everybody," said Metro public affairs specialist Steven Taubenkibel.

Metro is preparing for 1 million passengers, but there is only so much they can do. If you want your experience to be an easy one - you need to prepare.

Here is your first stop- metro's web site:

Find on a map where you are staying and then compare that to the metro's map. Learn which line is closest to your hotel and figure out the best route to where you plan to watch the inauguration.

The system is color-coded and each stop is clearly marked.

Know your trains or buses and your destinations before you even get to D.C.

The next step is to understand how to use the train. As you come down the escalator you will find banks of gates that lead to the trains. Take your metro card and slide it into the machine and it will come out the other side, while at the same time opening the gate.

From there, find a map with the color line you are supposed to be on. Figure out which direction you are headed and get ready to get onboard. While on the train, make yourself aware of where you are getting off and if you need to transfer to a get on a different line.

At each step along the way, prepare to wait.

You can buy your ticket right before you get on the metro at, but come inauguration day the lines will be long, so you will want to buy your tickets ahead of time and you can do that in two different ways.

"People can visit our Web site and they can buy a one-day pass now," Taudenkibel said, "or they can buy fare media through their agency that will be taking them into D.C."

Leave early and be patient along the way. If you run into trouble there will be metro employees there to answer your questions.  But if you plan ahead and prepare- you shouldn't have any trouble.

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