Circuit City liquidation sales: what you need to know

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Circuit City stores will accept cash, gift cards and most credit cards during the liquidation sales.

Personal checks will not be accepted.

If you plan to purchase large items you need to know, Circuit City stores will not have delivery service.

Getting your merchandise home is your responsibility.

Also, any car electronics purchases will not be installed.

However, the electronics retailer will continue to install, home theatre systems.

During the sales, customers who have warranty protection under Circuit City's, Advantage, protection, plan.

We're told all extended warranty plans are backed by an independent, third, party not involved in the liquidation.

Customers with those plans can call the toll free number printed on the bottom of the reciept.

Circuit City gift cards will be honored while stores remain open.

Once the company is out of business the gift cards will have no value.

Any computer services or repairs will be completed but stores will not accept any new repair jobs.

Because the liquidation company is in charge of the sales, that company's policies will be in force.

Circuit City policies, like the One Price Promise and the Unbeatable Price Guarantee do not apply during liquidation sales.

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