Gang member pleads guilty in ordering hit on cop

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A local gang leader will serve no more than 25 years in prison for ordering the murder of a Petersburg police officer.

In a plea agreement, Calvin Kelley, 22, admitted to planning the hit. Tuesday, he appeared before a judge, pleading guilty to five felony charges.

Kelley's murder plan, which was made from prison, was thwarted when police found letters outlining the plot during a search of a house where gang members were known to hang out.

Kelley selected April 29 as the day to take out the petersburg police officer that arrested him back in march for a string of gang-related robberies.

Prosecutors say Kelley is a member of a nationally known gang and that he came to the tri-cities from New York in 2006 in an effort to recruit new members.

Under the plea agreement made public in court, Kelley will serve no more than 25 years.

Kelley's attorney, Dennis Martin, says he'll argue for Kelley to serve less time.

"Mr. Kelley is a human being. He's a young kid that got wrapped up in things he shouldn't have got wrapped up in," Martin said. "He's made some bad decesions and, believe it or not, he's regretful for what he's done"

Kelley will be sentenced on April 1.

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