Richmond inauguration events include parties, Obama Burgers

By Beth Danziger - bio | email

Posted by Colby Rogers

Thousands of Richmonders have found their own ways to be a part of Barack Obama's historic nomination without having to brave the crowds expected in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20.

From "Obama Jams" to inauguration-watching parties, Richmond will be abuzz that day.

Sandra's Southern Style Soul Food on Fairmont Avenue in Richmond serves a burger that's as hot as the man of the hour - and it's named after him.

The restaurant started serving 99-cent Obama Burgers about two months ago. Renard Harris Jr., co-owner of Sandra's Southern-Style Soul Food says they can't flip them fast enough.

"They took off and ever since then you can't beat it," Harris said, "Ninety-nine cents for a big, homemade burger with our special ingredients that my grandmother actually came up with. We pat 'em all by ourselves by hand."

Richmonders aren't just eating up Obama, they're preparing for a jam.

The neighborhood resource center in Fulton Hill is putting on an Obama party inauguration night. Tickets are $10 and help raise money for the center.

Member say the Obama Jam is also about bringing the community together.

"What are we going to for change?" said event organizer Cecelia Rich. "What type of impact? Because we can't just put it on one man's shoulders. What are we going to do? Yes we can."

Toad's Place in Shockoe Slip is usually a concert venue, but on Jan. 20, Style Weekly is adding tables and chairs and hosting a free inauguration-watching party.

"Regardless of who you voted for, it's a non-partisan event," said marketing manager Patrick Mamou. "Just a place people can come watch and celebrate history. We've got 15 flat screens here in the venue. It's gonna be lunch available for people to purchase."

After the inauguration, the Obama Burgers will be getting a name change. As of Jan. 20, they'll be called "presidential burgers."

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