Company hiring 80 new employees in Glen Allen

By Laura Geller - bio | email

Posted By Terry Alexander

GLEN ALLEN, VA (WWBT) - For many people, the economic downturn means they can't make their regular mortgage payments, and for banks that means they need to find people to help collect those dollars or at the very least create payment plans. "Mortgage Outreach Services" simply doesn't have enough staff to keep up with the demand.

It started back in December when the company hired almost fifty new employees. Now Chief Operating Officer Chris Wittrig says because of demand from banks they need forty new full time and forty new part time workers.

"Theres such a high rate of delinquency that they're having a hard time keeping on top of it themselves," said Wittrig.

He says the last thing anyone wants is a foreclosure. Mortgage Outreach Services tries to work out solutions based on someone's financial situation.

"The bank asks us to kind of intervene on the delinquency and work with the customer to find out what kind of path we can go down with them, be it payment plans," he said.

Because of the complicated financial situations, Wittrig says his employees must have good communication skills.

"That tends to be people who have call center experience, maybe some people who have customer service experience, even people who have worked in retail tend to be people who speak well with customers," said Wittrig.

Wiitrig tells us his, is a business that never goes away. In fact, the company plans to continue the hiring blitz with hopes of taking on 100 to 300 new employees in the next six months. You can contact Mortgage Outreach Services at 804-273-1100.

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