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Posted by - Terry Alexander

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - Wilton Bogan is pretty meticulious about looking through his bank statements. Usually everything is fine, but earlier this week he found something very wrong.

"I looked and it was $295 and I said, lord, I know don't this," said Bogan.

A company called PS Prevention Services drafted 295 dollars from Bogan's Wachovia Bank account. He sat down with his daughter-in-law to comb through his statement and try to figure the charge. Eventually they enlisted someone at the bank for help.

"She got a hold to the company and still couldn't get no answers," said Bogan.

She was able to print a copy of the bank draft. Bogan's daughter-in-law called the number on the check and was told there was no record of him, but...

"They said, oh we'll get a check out to you right away. They didn't even ask me anything more. They got his name and our address and they were gonna send him a check within 10 days."

When she hit the internet to check on PS Prevention Sservices, there were several complaints against the company about unauthorized withdrawals. She also found that when others were promised checks like she was, what arrived was fake. Mr. Bogan called us, hoping to warn you.

"It's so many people that when they get the bank statement, they might scan through it and throw it in the trash. I go over every one of them to see if they're legitimate every month," he said.

A few minutes with a keen eye that could save you a lot of financial heartache. Wachovia was able to reimburse Mr. Bogan the 295 dollars, but couldn't tell him how his account was compromised. Financial experts recommend that you keep your bank statements for at least one year to have something to refer to if your account is ever compromised.

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