First-grader crashes mother's car after 10-mile drive

By Nichole Bell - bio | email

NORTHUMBERLAND, VA (WWBT) - A first-grader suffered minor injuries after crashing his mother's car into utility poll on Route 360 in Northumberland County. Police say the 6-year-old boy missed his school bus Monday morning and decided to drive himself to school. Investigators say the boy's mother was sleeping when he grabbed her car keys and got behind the wheel.

"He wanted to go to school, so he took his mother's car and drive 10.4 miles before he crashed," said Sheriff Churck Wilkins of the Northumberland County Sheriff's Office.

The accident happened a mile away from the boy's school. Investigators say they got a number of calls about the car swerving all over the road. Wilkins says the boy is lucky to be alive.

"He was asked by the investigator how he'd learned how to drive," Wilkins said, "and he stated that he played a lot of video games like Grand Theft Auto and monster trucks."

The boy was taken to the hospital and released shortly after the crash. While the incident unfolded, the boy's father - David Dodson, 40 - was at work and his mother - Jaqulyn Waltman, 26 - was at home sleeping. Both parents have been arrested and charged with felony child neglect.

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