Ukrop's slashes Fuel Perks program by 50 percent

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some local grocery store shoppers will soon lose much of the fuel savings they've been enjoying over the last few months.

Yesterday, Ukrop's announced it's slashing its Fuel Perks discount program by 50 percent. That means the Fuel Perks reward will be reduced to 5 cents a gallon.

Ukrop's says the program, which started in June, saved customers a total of $5.1 million in 6 months.

"As the gas prices came down, I kept looking for the signs to disappear and that the program would end," said customer Scott Mallory, "so at least it's not ending and they're just cutting it in half."

"That means I have to spend more to get my benefit from my Fuel Perks," said customer Candy Washington, "but I still think people will benefit from it."

The Fuel Perks program is set to run through March. Ukrop's representatives have not said if they will extend the program past that time.

Meanwhile, representatives from Kroger say they have no plans to modify their company's fuel program, which offers a similar discount at its gas stations.

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