Garage door dilemma in Chesterfield

By Beth Danziger - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (NBC12) - No matter what these Tarrington neighborhood residents do, their clickers aren't opening up their garages.

"We tried using it different ways getting it closer to the garage just different angles and positions and we tried changing batteries," says resident Taylor Anderson.

And it isn't just happening to the Aanderson and Benedetti family, but to more than two dozen other residents near Welby Drive.

Maria Benedetti says, "It's wierd. I would like to know what it is. It's the whole neighborhood."
Residents say their clickers stopped working around Christmas Eve. One family even got locked out of their home for a couple hours because of it. Right now most of the  garage doors will only open by the wall button. And some will open with clicker inside the garage. But once you step outside it's dead again.

Susan Anderson says, "Out of the blue the whole neighborhood certainly you don't think of things like that."

Some residents believe the disconnection  could be due to the military taking over garage frequencies in 2004. But the Aamelia Overhead Doors Company, who installed most of the garages door openers in the neighborhood, says it changed its frequency long ago. It now plans to come out next week to figure out the issue, but a spokesperson believes someone may have installed something that's now messing up everyone's frequency.

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