Residents without heat, hot water for weeks in Richmond

By Nicole Bell -


RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Residents at one local apartment complex have been without heat and hot water for several weeks. More than a dozen tenants at Bacon Retirement Community in Richmond are forced to use space heaters, because of the problem.

Tenants call the problem frustrating, inconvenient, and unfair. They say two months is too long to be without heat and hot water -- especially this time of year.

Tenants call the problem frustrating, inconvenient and unfair. They say two months is too long to be without heat and hot water, especially this time of year. 

Mary Taylor's stove isn't just for heating  food -- she's now using it to heat her home.

Taylor's apartment, along with 14 others at Bacon Community Retirement in Richmond, are without heat. Taylor says, "I have to go over to my son's house to take a bath."

Taylor's daughter, LaTashsa Allspice, says the problem has persisted for nearly two months. She says, "It's sad ... No one that has a home where you pay rent should have to live like this."

The manager of property would not speak on camera -- she did issue a statement. It says, "I've supplied electric heaters to everyone who does not have heat. When the heating units went bad, I immediately ordered new ones. The reason these units take so long to get is because they're constructed per order."

That brings little comfort to Taylor, who is 74, and has health issue. She and her daughter say they just want the problem fixed.

Allspice says, "Just imagine if it were your mom -- imagine if it were someone you love and care about."

The property manager says the new heating units are due to arrive Monday.

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