Two women to lead City Council

By Rachel DePompa -


RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Richmond City Council is starting the new year making history. For the first time ever, two women will lead City Council as president and vice-president.

Council members selected 4th District Councilwoman Kathy Graziano as president and named 6th District's Councilwoman Ellen Robertson as vice president.

City Council's swearing in ceremony also brought with it, a changing of the guard. City

"I think that the Council members and the mayor truly want this form of government to work. It has to work to move the city forward," says Kathy Graziano, president of Richmond City Council. "And I think everyone going forward saying we can do this. And I'm very excited."

In a show of support, Richmond's new mayor Dwight Jones attended the ceremony declaring this a day to start again.

"I offer to you the hand of cooperation and the hand of collaboration and I offer to you an open door. And I guess the ball now is going to be in your court," says Mayor Dwight Jones.

City Council's new vice president Ellen Robertson declared the bickering at City Hall is over.

"There are gonna be times where we disagree but we will be respectable in our disagreement. And there will not be any court cases," says Robertson.

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