Miracle Singer

From NBC Healthcast

Singing Christmas Carols may not seem like a big deal to most third graders, but for Joey Finley, doctors say it's a miracle. The eight year old was unable to speak in a normal voice until about a year ago.

He has a condition called Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. What this virus does is it gets into the cells of the voice box and it causes growths like warts. Those warts can obstruct a patient's airway.

Certain children have a very tough time with this. We have some children who have this disease who are in the operating room every two weeks to save their life.

Joey has endured 16 operations in the past four years to remove the growth that altered his voice. Joey's been working with Speech Pathologist Edie Hapner.

"I heard a sweet little high-pitched voice. Not that 80-year-old man voice," says Hapner.

The endless sessions are paying off. Joey's spending less time with his doctors and more time doing his new favorite thing.

"I usually was afraid to sing, now i'm not afraid to sing," says Joey.

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