Man charged with sexual assault against seven-year-old

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - A Henrico man is behind bars in Richmond charged with sexually assaulting a seven-year-old boy.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Julie McConnell says anytime something like this happens to a child's it's absolutely horrible.

McConnell is disturbed by the case against 20-year-old Demonte Bullock.

"When you have a seven-year-old victim of any kind of sexual act is absolutely incomprehensible," she said. "This is just beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned."

Bullock was arrested overnight Thursday moments after a 911 call late Wednesday from a home on Hazelhurst Avenue.

The boy was taken to the hospital.

Authorities say the mother left the child home while she made a quick trip to a nearby convenience store and when she returned she noticed something was wrong.

The mother says Bullock, who she met this summer, had been watching television in the front room while her children slept in their bedroom, but the front room was not where he was when she came back from her 10 minute trip to the store.

McConnell says as far as they know the other child wasn't hurt.

Bullock was arraigned on several charges in Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

"Those charges may be upgraded it's an ongoing investigation we're going to pursue it very aggressively of course," said McConnell.

Bullock is being held without bond.

He's scheduled for a preliminary hearing on January 12th.

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