December 18: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) -   29 critical violations at 5 area restaurants in tonight's Restaurant Report.  We begin in Henrico.

Topping tonight's critical list, Crowne Plaza's Sapphire Grill (6531 West Broad Street) in Henrico with 8 critical violations, including cooked shrimp found in the same pan as raw fish.

Also in Henrico, Brazilian Bakery (1412 Starling Drive) with 5 critical.  An inspector found that beef was not reheated before being placed on the buffet line.

Moving on to Chesterfield, Shanghai (6701 Lake Harbour Drive) with 7 critical violations.  Food was stored in a restroom, where it was exposed to contamination.

In Richmond, Ambiance Bar & Grill (415 North 1st Street) also makes the list with 5 critical. 
Among them, an in-use ash tray left in an area where it may contaminate food.

And finally tonight, The Country Club of Virginia Grill (6031 St. Andrews Lane) with 4 critical violations, including chicken and tuna salads that were re-dated and held past the maximum time allowed by law.

And now for the good news.  Tonight's Hall of Fame Award goes to La 'V's Homemade Dining (1823 East Main Street) in Richmond for a perfect inspection November 7th!