Child's remains found near missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony's home

From NBC12 News

ORLANDO, FLA (NBC12) - A major story is unfolding right now in Florida. Skeletal remains of a small child have been found in Orlando. The child's remains were found near the home of missing three year old Caylee Anthony. 

A utility worker found the body early today about a half mile from Caylee's home.
There is nothing that immediately indicates that the bones belong to Caylee.
Caylee's mother, Casey, has been charged with murder even though no body was been found yet.

Casey Anthony insists that she left the girl with a babysitter in June, but did not report her missing until July. 

A pre-trial hearing in the case is being held today.

Casey could face life in prison. She goes on trial next month. 

Again, no confirmation that the remains found are that of Caylee Anthony. 
NBC12 will stay on top of this story and bring you any new developments as we get them.

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