Teachers planning ahead of budget talks

Teachers planning ahead of budget talks

By Beth Danziger - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (NBC 12) - When it comes to educating students, teachers say they are the back bone.

And when they're stressed and stretched thin it hurts the classroom experience.

Lois Stranton, Chesterfield Education Association President, says "Anything that impacts the classroom, and if it impacts schools then it impacts the classrooms then it's going to affect children and their future."

That's why the Chesterfield Education Association isn't waiting to voice it's concern when it comes to next year's budget.

According to school leaders the budget may drop back down to where it was in 2007, a time with fewer schools and students.

Tuesday night's school board meeting will be the first of several public engagements where the association plans to outline for county leaders what teachers say can't be taken away including their salaries.

"It's easy to look at this as just dollars and sense but it's not just dollars and sense it's about children and it's about their reduction," says Lois Stranton.

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