December 4: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - Twenty-eight critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  We start in Chesterfield.

Topping tonight's critical list, Yen Ching Restaurant (11102 Hull Street Road) in Midlothian
with 4 critical violations.  An inspector observed kitchen staff handle raw meats, then return to food preparation without washing their hands.

Also in Midlothian, Mulligan's Sports Grille (11146 Hull Street Road) with 5 critical, including raw meats stored over ready-to-eat foods.

Moving on to Richmond, Philips Continental Lounge (5704 Grove Avenue) with 5 critical
violations.  Among them, a freezer compressor found leaking water onto food items.

Also in the city, Peking (5710 Grove Avenue) with 5 critical, including rodent droppings
found throughout the restaurant.
In Henrico, Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill at Short Pump (11800 West Broad Street) makes tonight's list with 5 critical violations.  An inspector found prime rib and steaks at improper temperatures.

And finally, McDonalds (8210 Brook Road) with 4 critical.  Among them, a worker observed
handling raw burgers on the grill, then ready-to-eat buns without washing.

Now for the good news, tonight's Hall of Fame Award goes to Come On In (900 East Marshall Street) in Richmond for a perfect inspection October 21st!