Air travel expected to drop at Richmond International Airport

By Andy Jenks -


RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Richmond's airport is also a little quieter than usual for a Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The economy and those new airline fees may have something to do with it.     Still more than 4.5 million people nationwide are expected to fly.

Planes are arriving and departing on time. People we spoke with are enjoying their experience.  But, that doesn't mean it'll be like this all weekend long.

The mid-afternoon crowd arrived easily at Richmond International Airport. Across the board, flights were on time. And the typical airline aggravation appeared to be minimal, even, dare we say, non-existent.

Good weather may be the reason. 

But, economic factors are also in play. 
AAA expected an 11 percent drop in airline passengers this year, along with an eight percent hike in ticket prices. Still, not enough to keep these flyers from using RIC.

"The warmth and security that comes from being with family and loved ones seems this year to be the perfect antidote to the stress of an ailing economy," says Martha Meade Mitchell, spokeswoman for AAA.

So, the mid-afternoon experience seemed to go pretty well. 

But, that's no indication of what it will continue to be like all weekend long. Experts still recommend getting to the airport two hours early for the trip home.

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