Dog fighting problem far from over; Va. has stronger laws against it

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Virginia officials say the battle to stop dog fighting is far from over. Michelle Welch with the Virginia Animal Fighting Task Force believes the problem with dog fighting in the Commonwealth is about the same since the Michael Vick case was brought to light nearly two years ago. 

Welch says thanks to the attorney general's tough stance on animal fighting -- the laws against it are now stronger. 

More people are now concerned about animal welfare.

"If you go in any shelter across Virginia you will find pit bulls with dog fighting scars and so that is antidotal evidence to us that it's still going on," says Welch. 

If you think dog fighting is happening in your neighborhood call your local police department. The Virginia Animal Fighting Task Force would also like to hear from you. The number is 540-455-5641.

Vick pleads guilty to state charge
Meanwhile, Michael Vick will be out of prison by next July, and possibly even sooner. On Wednesday, a judge suspended Vick's three-year sentence and $2,500 fine for state dog-fighting charges. 

He will be under probation as part of the plea deal. Vick apologized to the court, his family and the kids who looked up to him as a role model. 

His attorneys say he's been "punished enough" and could even leave prison early for good behavior.

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