NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award: Padow's Hams & Deli

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - Our Restaurant Hall of Fame series continues this evening, and this week we are featuring a Richmond tradition in Hanover:  Padow's Hams & Deli.

First opened in 1936, Richmond-based Padow's Hams and Deli is a meat-lovers dream.  "Country ham and smithfield ham, that's what's we're known for, says owner Terry Oates.  And those hams ship out everyday to such destinations as Florida, Texas and Montana.
But at the Atlee Road location in Hanover, it's the homemade sandwiches, sides and desserts that keep the locals coming in again and again.

Retta Ramkey says, "It was great.  I had a blt, it was wonderful."

"We try to make everybody feel like they're at home," says Oates.

And it's that family atmosphere with customers and staff that Oates credits for the cleanliness
of his kitchen.  "Everybody has a specific job, but everybody pitches in.  When they see something that needs to be done, they do it.  Or, if they're busy and they see something needs to be done, they ask," he says.

A team effort that's led to an impressive health inspection history.  Oates says he couldn't be prouder, "We have a good time in here, we have good food, and we stay clean."