Daycare center remains closed in Richmond

By Andy Jenks -


RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - A Richmond daycare center is closed this week after students fell ill on Friday. The Richmond city health district is investigating at the "Friends Family Childcare Center."

Late last week, several children started throwing up, prompting the daycare center to send everyone home and close for all of this week.

The Friends Family Center in North Jackson Ward serves 65 children. On Friday, many of them were noticeably sick. 

The illnesses were reported to the city health district, and today began the process of cleaning the building. 

But, daycare staff decided the facility will remain voluntarily "closed" until December 1st.
The executive director of the center referred all questions to the city health department, which told us that 23 children and 3 adults reported gastrointestinal illness, probably caused by norovirus.

Parents of sick children are being provided with testing kits.
In the meantime, all food and hand contact surfaces inside the building are being scrubbed. 

The health district says the center's decision to remain closed until next week ensures the children's safety when it re-opens. 

The health department says parents of sick children can make a simple mixture to clean the surfaces in their homes. It's 12 ounces of chlorine mixed with one gallon of water. But, the best defense they say is to always wash your hands.

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