Michael Vick pleads guilty to state dog fighting charge

SUSSEX, VA (NBC12 and AP) - Former Virginia Tech and quarterback Michael Vick pled guilty today to a state dogfighting charge.

Vick won't serve any additional jail time for the state charges in Virginia. Under a deal, Vick pleaded guilty to one count of dogfighting and not guilty to one count of animal cruelty.

This hearing was the last of Vick's legal battles involving criminal dogfighting charges. He now has to serve out the rest of his 23-month federal sentence for his role on property he used to own in Surry County.

"I feel what I did today is approved by more than a majority of the people of Surry County," said Surry County Commonwealth's Attorney,  Gerald Poindexter, "and that's the constituency I'm concerned about."

Vick, a former Atlanta Falcon, said he was remorseful and apologized to the court, his family, and the children who looked up to him as a role model.

Since his first conviction in 2007, Vick has also landed in bankruptcy court after losing nearly all of his record-breaking $130 million from a 10-year deal he signed with the Falcons in December 2004.

"If you ask Michael what does he want, he wants to come home," said Billy Martin, Vick's attorney. "If you've ever been to, or spent a moment inside a federal penitentiary - it's hell."

Vick is due to be released from federal prison on July 20, 2009.

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