Chesterfield police seek information in several residential break-ins

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (NBC12) - Burglars are ransacking homes in one Chesterfield County neighborhood, and now the people who live there are talking about how to improve their security.

In a span of one week burglars hit four different houses in the Huntingcreek Hills neighborhood.

It's located near LC Bird High School.

The homes are on Huntingcreek Drive, Retriever Road, Buttermint Drive, and Gunsight Terrace where neighbors might need to change their opinion of the police.

The month of November has not been kind to Huntingcreek Hills.

On Thursday Nov. 6, a burglar busts open the rear door of a house on Huntingcreek Drive.

Friday Nov. 17, someone gets into an unlocked shed on Retriever Road.

Neighbors say they've heard of crimes like this before.

"That would've been surprising when we first moved here," said resident Tara Hester. "Now that we've been here a year this neighborhood just keeps kinda going downhill."

Wednesday Nov. 12, someone steals firearms, jewelry and electronics from a house on Gunsight Terrace.

That same day another house on Buttermint Drive is burglarized.

The burglar chucked a brick through the window, and ransacked the house.

The brand new HD television is gone, replaced by a much earlier model.

Police are making the rounds and neighbors say it's time to speak up.

"If somebody knows anything they should call the authorities because the police are not the people you need to be afraid of," said Hester. "It's the criminals you need to be afraid of."

The number to call, would be Chesterfield Crime Solvers.

It's (804) 748-0660.

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