Footage of Obama crowds on Election night

By Nathan McCann -

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - This is footage of the crowds downtown on Election night.  We had a live truck at City Hall to cover the mayor's race.  Obama's national victory had been called a few hours before. 

There was some yelling and chanting on Broad Street, then all of a sudden we were surrounded by a mob of cheering people.  I'd never experienced anything like it.  It was spontaneous, ecstatic, unnervingly loud, but completely peaceful. 

We had no warning it was coming, no phone calls, no police sirens.  Everyone was too busy watching Obama's speech to notice the huge crowd gathering down Broad.  Sometimes you just grab your camera and go with the flow.

The crowd mobbed us, cheered wildly for a few minutes, and then disappeared just as quickly as they'd come. 

Nathan McCann is a photographer for NBC12 News.

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