NBC12 behind the scenes: "Lucky shot" -- neighborhood with a deer problem

By Nathan McCann - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (NBC12) - The story was about a neighborhood with a deer problem.  People had deer sleeping in their yards and eating their plants.  We talked to one woman who had gotten Lyme disease from deer ticks.  Some residents had gotten a permit to kill the deer but, other residents didn't want hunters in the neighborhood.

Talking to residents of the neighborhood would be fairly easy, just walking door to door.  But we knew getting footage of the actual deer would be tough.  You can always use file footage, but file's never as good as the real thing.  We talked about hiding in the woods, hiding out inside a house in the neighborhood, maybe just driving around until we just stumbled across a deer crossing the road.

Then, heading back to the car after our first interview, two deer just walked through the woods right next to me, not more than thirty yards away.  I flipped the camera on and got two good, long shots.

Those were the only deer we saw all day long.  All the planning and plotting we'd done, and the deer just walked right by.  Shooting the news, sometimes all the planning in the world doesn't stack up to pure, dumb luck.

Nathan McCann is a photographer for NBC12 News.

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