Oct. 23: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann 

Twenty-one critical violations at four area restaurants, we begin in Chesterfield.

Great Taste Buffet on Bermuda Crossroads Lane tops tonight critical list with 7 critical violations. Among them, raw chicken stored above broccoli and potentially hazardous foods held above 41 degrees.

Rosa's Pizza on Jeff Davis Highway in Chester with 4 critical also makes the list. An inspector found raw chicken and beef stored in the same container, which may cause cross contamination.

Moving on to Henrico and Ham's Restaurant on West Broad with 5 critical violations, including rice in the kitchen that exceeded its 7 day shelf life. 
And finally, Captain D's Seafood on Pouncey Tract in Henrico with 5 critical. Among them, a cutting board and drink pitchers that were found soiled.

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