Tomato ban impact for local growers in Hanover

By Rob Richardson -


That weeks-long ban has been lifted,  but it may actually may have been a benefit to local growers.   

The numbers aren't in yet, but local growers and state officials say over the last few weeks, when that FDA ban was in place, sales of local produce, especially tomatoes went up.   

You could call it the home team advantage or good luck. Local produce growers call it good fortune.  

When the FDA banned the sale of certain types of tomatoes, Hanover tomatoes were still in the field and deemed safe to eat. When farmers began harvesting the sweet tomatoes, customers flocked to roadside stands looking for produce.   

A stand on Pole Green Road in Hanover is owned by farmers, who grow the produce. 

"One of the best ways to know you're buying locally, is to buy right from the man or woman who grows it," says Elaine Lidholm. "So when you come to a place like this produce stand that's owned by farmers who sell their own product, you know they didn't just come from Virginia, they came from a mile from here."   

The Virginia Department of Agriculture began working on a plan today to encourage residents to keep buying locally grown produce.

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