College dorms nearly complete at Richard Bland

From NBC12 News

Construction at Richard Bland College started nearly two years ago. Today, the student apartments are just about done. 

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the $23 million project. The campus apartments will be ready for students-- by the start of the school semester.

Richard Bland College is offering its students -- something it couldn't in the past -- on campus living.  

"We're not in a downtown area and we serve so many outlying areas that the students have needed for a long time a place to come and be housed and be educated," says Michaele Shriver, facilities manager.

The two new residence halls are four stories high, with a total of 74 apartments. 

"We are the pioneers in this," says Shriver. "None of the community colleges have any residential facilities and we are the only state supported two-year college that will be able to house students."

Inside the buildings, each apartment is move-in ready, with its own common living room, bathroom, and that's not all. 

"We didn't just want to offer dorm rooms," says Shriver. "They have their own washer and dryer in each apartment, fully furnished kitchen. So, this will be an independent living experience for students."

There are study halls and game rooms. 

The college has been promoting it's newest  feature and the facilities manager says students are receptive. Shriver says, "We're about 75 to 85 percent filled."

The buildings will be co-ed. The apartments will not. 

After years, school officials talking about the possibility of on campus living. It's finally here.

"It's been a phenomenal experience, very exciting," says Shriver. "It sort of feels like home."

If you want to live in one of the apartments it'll cost you about $8,000 for one school year.

The project will be completely finished by the end of this month..

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