FDA says now safe to eat tomatoes; salmonella warning for peppers

From NBC12 News

It is now safe to eat tomatoes. The government lifted a warning on certain types of tomatoes blamed for a salmonella outbreak. But now, officials warn of another food.

A good news, bad news scenario. 

Good news, the Food and Drug Administration now saying it is okay to eat tomatoes. Bad news, the FDA still can't say what caused the salmonella outbreak.

Officials are now talking more about a salmonella warning for peppers. Specifically, raw jalepeno peppers and raw serrano peppers. 

But, the FDA says only the sick and the elderly need to worry about the peppers, not everyone. 

Some are now calling this whole salmonella outbreak confusing, especially since there's still no evidence tomatoes ever had anything to do with it.

The FDA insists the contrary.

"FDA is doing its utmost to minimize confusion to consumers," says Dr. David Acheson, FDA. "Our role in protecting public health is to tell consumer what we know and what we don't  know. The challenge is that the science changes very often as these outbreaks unfold." 

Tomatoes are ok now because the FDA says its likely all the contaminated tomatoes are off the market. Or there were never any contaminated tomatoes to begin with, which also means the investigation continues.

Inspectors are still trying to figure out what caused this salmonella outbreak which actually started back in April. 

Over the past three months, more than 1,200 people in 42 states have been sickened by salmonella. 

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