Hanover man faces charges for stealing mail

Hanover man faces charges for stealing mail

By Rob Richardson - bio | email

A Hanover man is in jail charged with stealing mail from hundreds of his neighbors. His arrest came at the hands of a quick thinking deputy.

Hundreds of Hanover residents will be getting letters from the US Postal Service explaining their mail was stolen and it will be returned.

Sheriff's investigators say Willie Jones, 42, was caught Friday red-handed. A deputy spotted Jones' car in northwest Hanover near this intersection on private property. Jones told the officer he pulled over to use his cell phone, but the deputy spotted hundreds of pieces of mail in the car.

Jones, who was on probation was arrested and charged with multiple counts of credit card theft and possession of drugs. 

Investigators say there were at least 300 pieces of mail, some of it opened in the car. They alerted postal inspectors and both agencies will work to notify the 130 victims.

A sheriff's department spokesman says Jones was arrested with cocaine and marijuana and that likely contributed to the reason he started taking mail.  

"Certainly, it would apppear that financial gain was a motive, and this particular case also arrested with possession of cocaine and possesion of marijuana. So there may be some underlying reasons for this crime," says Hanover Sheriff's Department Sgt. Chris Whitley. 
If your mail was stolen or your unsure, you can call the US Postal Inspector at 418-6121.

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