Grand opening of new homes for Fort Lee military expansion

By Jola Szubielski - bio | email

In the next few years, thousands of soldiers and their families will be calling Fort Lee their new home. They're going to need somewhere to live. More than 600 new homes are available to them now.

The construction of these new homes is just the beginning of a $206 million family housing project made possible through a 50-year partnership between the army and private developers.

Back in January, NBC12 showed you the beginnings of the residential communities initiative's project. The demolition of some of the old housing at Fort Lee to make room for more than 600 new homes.

Now just a few months later, Fort Lee is celebrating the grand opening of the units that are move-in ready, as well as the neighborhood community center.

The homes are all energy efficient and can accommodate up to a family of eight. Like Sgt. Sharon Quinn, who moved here less than a month ago and faced first hand the struggles of finding quality, affordable housing.  

The new homes will benefit not only current families but also future residents as the BRAC expansion moves forward, bringing with it some 20,000 more soldiers, families, and civilians -- doubling Fort Lee's current population.

"They made it affordable, they made it a nice safe neighborhood, and it's good housing," says Sgt. Quinn. "The military always produces good housing, but for us, it's a blessing."

Colonel Gwen Bingham says, "When it's all said and done, we're going to build just shy of 1,500 homes on post. Many of those homes will go to folks who will come here from the transportation school, so we're excited about it."

The project also consists of some 1,000 homes being renovated and rebuilt. It's all expected to be completed in the next four years.

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