Update: Chesterfield plan to help overcrowded schools approved

Beth Danziger - bio | email

Chesterfield's Planning Commission is trying to ease some of the overcrowding in county schools. On Tuesday night, the commission approved a plan that limits home development around overcrowded schools. 

It takes into account a school's functional capacity, meaning not how many actual students are in the school, but how the entire school property is used. 

The plan now goes to the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors for consideration.

According to the planning department, about 45 percent of high schools, 63 percent of middle schools and 55 percent of elementary schools are overcrowded right now. The proposed plan would limit home development around those overcrowded schools.

Planning Commission Chairman, Russell Gulley says the plan is an effort to better manage growth. "If you don't manage growth then you can't keep up with the infrastructure," he says.

Some say the proposed plan could run into problems because student populations at schools vary from year to year, but Chesterfield resident Kristyn Lettie still thinks it's a good idea. She says, "That's great they're actually looking out for the future, they are looking out for other people than just profit of development."

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