Chesterfield Police propose security plan to improve apartment safety

From NBC12 News

If a neighborhood is designed and built in a certain way, can it deter criminals? Chesterfield Police say, yes. They are asking the Planning Commission to approve a new ordinance today.

Chesterfield Police hope a new ordinance proposal will make townhome and apartment complexes safer. 

The ordinance would restrict how big shrubs and trees can be around the complexes. It would also mandate builders and owners install more lighting around parking lots. Complex owners would also have to submit an annual security plan to the police department and have some type of security guard on duty a minimum of ten hours a week.

Apartment complex resident Richard Tumbin likes the idea, saying, "I think they need to go with the police's plan. They see it every day ... they should listen to them."

Mike Krumbein, the President of the Richmond Apartment Owners Association, responded to the proposed ordinance. He says he understands where police are coming from, but says the plan may have too many regulations and could be too costly.

The proposal is expected to go in front of the planning commission at its work session meeting Tuesday afternoon.  There's no word yet if a vote will happen then.

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