Violent home invasion in Henrico

By Rob Richardson, NBC12 News

A crime alert out of Henrico where police are looking for two gunmen responsible for a risky daylight home invasion.

Police say Monday morning's home invasion robbery wasn't random. The home on Savannah, near the race track, was chosen because the suspects were looking for one man. Along the way, four other people apparently got in the way.  

A shocking way to start off the week for one Henrico family. Two masked men burst into their home Monday morning.  Henrico Police Lt. Doug Perry says, "One was armed with a handgun. One was armed with a knife." 

Once inside the two armed robbers forced the three adults and the four-year-old child all into one room.

Lt. Perry says, "They held them at gunpoint and knife point and they were looking for a fifth subject who was not there at the time."

That didn't stop the men from robbing those who were at home. The men forced others inside the house to give up their money and cell phones. That information has led police to declare the other residents who live nearby may not be in danger, that the armed men targeted that specific home.

It's a revelation that didn't bring much relief to nearby neighbors who've lived in the neighborhood two and three decades. They admit the area situated near Laburnum and the Richmond Henrico Turnpike may have fallen on hard times but, say crime is this area is the exception, not the rule.  

After a few minutes, the men ran off. A victim inside tried to sneak a glance at which way the men ran and was nearly shot. 

Lt. Perry says, "One of the male victims came out and was looking at the suspects as they were running away and one of the suspects fired a couple rounds back toward the victims from about 100 feet." 

Police ask anyone that may have seen anything to call them at 501-5000.

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