Speeding crackdown in Chesterfield

By Beth Danziger, NBC12 News

Speeders beware! The fines are about to go up in one Midlothian neighborhood. Walton Park Association leaders say drivers speed on its main roads all the time, and it's only getting worse.

A VDOT study agreed, finding 73-percent of vehicles go faster then the 25 mile-per-hour speed limit.

The Board of Supervisors has now agreed to up the amount of the fine for speeding there by $200.

Resident Steven Galyen says, "If you're speeding in a residential district, you should pay those higher fines. There is no reason for you to be unsafe and not care about those residents."

The new fine amount won't go into effect until VDOT posts signs warning drivers.

They'll be visible on five of Walton Park's main roads.

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