RMA officials expect congestion after Powhite lane closures

From NBC12 News

The Richmond Metropolitan Authority has shut down three lanes on the northbound side of the Powhite Plaza. Drivers will see six lanes instead of nine - and much more congestion for the commute.

Crews demolished the existing toll booths in preparation for the new open road toll lanes, which will allow EZ Pass drivers to pay the toll without stopping.

The southbound side has already been configured. Now the northbound side is expected to undergo construction throughout the summer.

The provide relief, RMA crews have installed two temporay toll booths on the far right side of the plaza.

"What we're trying to do is mitigate some of the backup, have that one lane funnel into two temporary toll booths just downstream," said David Caudill, RMA Assistant Director of Operations. "That doesn't give us the efficiency of seven lanes, but it's better than six."

RMA offficials are expecting the peak traffic hours to be bad, so they're asking drivers to plan ahead by finding an alternate route or leaving early to avoid the worst of the congestion,

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