Mayor wants citizens to keep public marina proposal alive

Mayor wants citizens to keep public marina proposal alive

By Rachel DePompa, NBC12 News
Mayor Doug Wilder says City Council is sinking his plans for the James. Now, the mayor wants citizens to help keep the proposal alive. 
The marina would be at the Intermediate Terminal. It would have 72 boat slips and a 600 foot floating dock. But, this plan isn't holding water with Council. 

Mayor Wilder first announced his idea for public marina a year ago. But, the plan ran into rough water at City Hall. Wilder says, "They've killed our plans for the river."

The City Council has taken every mention of a public marina on the James out of city ordinances. Several Council members have said publicly they believe the marina should be a private venture.

Now, the mayor is reaching out to citizens, asking the public to help decide the idea's future.
He says it's their river. Wilder says, "I think the taxpayers and the public better let their council people know what they want."

Wilder is urging citizens to write and call their Council member about the James River, to let the Council know what citizens really want built along it.

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