Petersburg teen killed by train

Petersburg teen killed by train

By Beth Danziger, NBC12 News

New information as to why a Petersburg teenager may have been killed by an oncoming train. The incident happened in the small town of Waverly in Sussex County on Sunday afternoon. 

Sixteen-year-old Malcolm Pezzano was struck as he was bent down to tie his shoe. 

Waverly Police are still investigating what happened but, believe Pezzano may have thought he had more time than he did.

The path Pezzano was taking when he was killed by a Norfolk Southern train Sunday afternoon is the same path many others in town take to get to these stores on the other side. 

Police say Pezzano was walking back from the Dollar General with his friends when on the outer track he decided to tie his shoe. It was at the exact same time a train was moving through. 

A Norfolk Southern spokesperson says the engineer blew the horn. But, police believe Pezzano may have thought the train was further away than it was. Close friends say he was wearing headphones. 

But neither explanation is helping friends and family cope with such a horrible death.

Friend Vinesha Forches says, "If all the other kids stopped and turned, why couldn't they tell him that it was right there?"

Police say don't believe any criminal charges will be filed. Pezzano was an eighth grader at Petersburg's Vernon Johns Middle School.

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