Wilder calls allegations about Chief Monroe's degree 'ridiculous'

By Jola Szubielski, NBC12 News

Ridiculous. That's the word Mayor Doug Wilder is using to describe recent allegations against Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe.

Monroe is accused of not completing the work to earn his undergraduate degree.

VCU began investigating after an anonymous tip claimed Monroe had not finished the required 30 credit hours for the degree he received in interdisciplinary studies last year.

"I've never responded to anonymous people and some whisper campaign. Who is saying these things? Who are these people that want to take our chief down to discredit him? He has done everything that he was asked to do by the people and the officials of Virginia Commonwealth University," says Mayor Wilder.

Wilder says the university should act quickly to resolved the matter for both monroe and the city.

Monroe leaves Richmond in less than two weeks for a new job in Charlotte, North Carolina

Monroe issued a statement over the weekend saying the allegations are simply ridiculous and that he takes great pride in his bachelor's degree.

He went on to say any further questions will have to be answered by the university.

Back in May, the board's rector, Thomas Rosenthal, and a multistate college accrediting body, both received anonymous tips that Chief Monroe had not completed the 30 credit hours as required of transfer students to receive his bachelor's degree last year.

Instead, alluding that the degree had been "pushed" through.

"The value of our degrees is very important," says Rosenthal. "We want to make sure that they are of value. We have 160,000 alumni and they value their degrees and we want to make sure that they are of value."

Monroe has said previous college credits and course work at the FBI academy left him with only two courses to complete.

He reportedly took those two classes in four months to finish.

VCU is continuing its investigation now. It's expected to be completed in about 45 days.

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