Officials stress swimming safety ahead of soaring temperatures

Officials stress swimming safety ahead of soaring temperatures

From NBC12 News

Temperatures are expected to reach the 90s for the first time tomorrow and to cool off, the pool is often the way to go.

But according to Red Cross officials, thousands of people die from accidental drowning every year - 1/3 of them children.

The American Red Cross says anyone can drown in even shallow water, where diving in the No. 1 cause of head and neck injuries.

Experts say a few safety tips can go a long way.

Don't swim in in unfamiliar waters, always have someone watching on land, and make sure there's a phone around in case of an emergency.

When dealing with children under the age of 5 at a swimming pool, make sure the water is surrounded by a fence at least four feet high. Keep toys out of the water when it's not in use to prevent children from leaning over the edge to grab them.

Officials stress that the most important thing is to watch your child around water. Supervision can mean the difference between life and death.

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