Subdivision voted down in Chesterfield

By Beth Danziger, NBC12 News

Some Bon Air residents are resting easy Tuesday night. The Chesterfield Planning Commission voted to deny a new subdivision in the area.

This is the third time in three years a developer has tried to build a subdivision off Sunview Lane and Buford Road.

All three plans now have now been denied. Residents believe it happens because more than 100 of them always band together against them with a petition, attorney and an


Residents who live right next to where "Bon Air Walk" would have gone, love their quiet and tranquil life. Their neighborhood sits in between this small forest and a stream that flows into Powhite Creek.

Resident Sherri Athey says, "I don't object to more development, I just think it should be in a proper location."

Bon Air Walk would have taken down that forest and built four new homes in its place.

Residents believe without the trees, their homes would be more susceptible to water run off from Buford Road, which could also violate the Chespeake Bay Preservation Act.

Concerned resident Laura Koltz says, "It's already pretty puddly and swampy, with swamp behind the houses and stuff. I definitely think it will pose some concerns and problems."

At Tuesday's planning commission meeting, the developer's team tried to refute those issues.

But in the end, four out of the five planning commissioners didn't want take a risk on the


The developer's attorney didn't want to comment afterward. Residents were elated.

Resident Tom Larson says, "It was a nail biter ... it was really all we could do."

In this case the planning commission has the final say the plan won't go in front of the Board of Supervisors.

The developer's options now include either changing the plan and re- submitting it or filing an appeal in the courts.

Residents say they plan to keep on fighting.

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