Arrest in indecent exposure case in Henrico

By Rob Richardson, NBC12 News

One Henrico neighborhood is on edge, even though a man suspected of indecent exposure has already been arrested. The man charged is Richmond resident, William Feaster, II.
The 20-year-old is accused of exposing himself to two women in Henrico's Twin Hickory community on Monday. Police say one quick-thinking victim made all the difference.   

Police say the man stopped two women near within one hour.
The first incident happened around 3:30 PM Monday afternoon. Police say a man in a teal van stopped a woman near an apartment complex in Twin Hickory.
He convinced the woman to walk up to the van, saying he needed directions. Police say he wasn't wearing pants.   

A second incident occurred just an hour later. The man stopped a woman walking her dog, again asking for directions.

Henrico Police Department Lt. Doug Perry says, "The only thing he did was ask for directions and when they walked up. He had his private parts exposed. Pants down, private parts exposed, inside the van."

The second victim remembered a license plate number. That led police to Feaster, who faces two charges for indecent exposure.                    

Residents in Twin Hickory point to all the children that live in the area and say that fuels their concern over this type of crime. 

Twin Hickory resident Susan Steenrod says, "It makes you realize that it doesn't really matter where you live, there are people everywhere and you have to be careful no matter what."  

Neighbors are also aware kids will only be in school a few more weeks. 

Authorities say you should always be aware of your surroundings and not hesitate to call police in a suspicious situation.

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