Petersburg, Hopewell police team up for community meetings

Petersburg, Hopewell police team up for community meetings

From NBC12 News

Two police departments have teamed up with one goal in mind - fighting crime.

Hopewell and Petersburg police will meet with residents today. Police say this isn't just a public meeting, but is also a way the community can help with law enforcement.

A police official in Hopewell says crime and gang activity are on the rise in both Hopewell and Petersburg.

In fact, aggravated assaults in Hopewell are up 131 percent, robberies up 47 percent, and breaking and entering is up 51 percent.

The meetings between police and residents will feature M.T. Thompson Jr. - a district court judge from Michigan who put together a book called "Making Choices and Facing Consequences."

The book is described as a tool for communities and a guide to help cut back on youth joining gangs, experimenting with drugs and becoming bullying in schools.

Thompson will be at two public meetings. One is from 7:30-9 a.m. today at the American Legion Hall at 217 East City Point Road in Hopewell.

The other meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Cobblestone Clubhouse in Hopewell

The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

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