Registering for community closings & delays

Listed below are some guidelines and tips for registered users of the Community Closings sections who are entering closing or delay information. Once you have reviewed this information, click here to enter your closing or delay information. You must have a login and password to enter this information.

  • Your company/group's name and type is already entered. You cannot change this. (If for some reason it isn't your organization, please log out and send an e-mail to
  • In the box marked "Status," you can enter your message. Examples are: Closing at 4pm. Will open at Noon. Closed. Board meeting canceled.
  • There is an optional line for additional information. This could be to offer a rescheduled date, a message to employees, whatever you need to say.
  • Next is date of closing. This is very important. This is the date for which the closing announcement is effective. The computer will fill in with today's date, but if you will be closed tomorrow, then you need to change the date in that box to tomorrow. This also determines how long the announcement is posted. Closings for today will come off the system at midnight tonight.
  • Into the boxes "Your Name" and "Your Email," we ask that you enter your name and e-mail address. If we have a question about your posting, then we can contact you immediately. The information in these lines is not posted on the internet, but gives us a way to immediately track down any confusion.
  • Using your login and password, you can log back in to make any changes, updates or corrections you want. You can also delete your entry.

For more than ten years, the NBC12 closing system has tracked schools and major employers in Central Virginia and let you know -- both on air and online --when bad weather forces them to close. That closing system is not changing.

But in recent years, you've asked us to include smaller businesses, clubs and civic associations in our closing system. With a limited amount of air time, it was difficult -- if not impossible -- to air even more closings on TV. But now, with the internet, we can help your small business, club or civic association. We'll help you post closing information...and we'll direct your members, employees and customers to the site.

Our new "Community Closings Website" will require your business, club or organization to have a login and password. We urge you to register now -- before the snow starts to fall again -- so you'll be ready for the next bad weather.

Please allow two weeks for us to process your request and provide you with a login and password.

To participate you must email or mail the following information to us on your company or organization letterhead (we cannot accept applications by phone):

  • The name of the business, school or organization (Exactly as you want it to appear online; Remember there may be several churches or groups with the same name, so help us make sure your closing isn't confused, ie. "First Baptist Church, Emporia" or "Happy Hands Daycare, Midlothian")
  • Your name and phone numbers.
  • Let us know in what section you want to be included (Business, Churches, Clubs, Other Schools, Other)
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your mailing address

Send this information to: