Retailers “Go Green”

By Terrell Brown, NBC12 News

Green is the word for this summer but with so many options, how do you know you're really "going green." Some retailers are trying to help customers sort through what's just hype and what will help the planet.

To survive the summer heat, Christian Damiba bought an air conditioner that would keep him cool and use less energy. It's a value more consumers are looking for.

In 2006 Home Depot saw a 30-percent jump in the sales of 'energy star' rated appliances, certified by the government as energy efficient.

Jumping on the trend, Home Depot launched 'eco options,' a program to help customers identify environmentally friendly products.

Ron Jarvis, the VP for Home Depot Environmental Innovation says, "We know that it can be very confusing to walk into an aisle and see 50 different types of light bulbs or 50 different types of paint."

With more consumers 'going green', retailers see a way to 'make green.' More than 60-thousand products have pitched themselves to eco options.

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