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Movie fan? Photographer? Get something for her hobby

World traveler? How about travel guides, luggage, money/passport organizer, foreign language tapes/course, or even a well-deserved vacation?

Exercise enthusiast? Try workout clothes, new sneakers, a heart-rate monitor or an MP3 Player. If she's into a particular style of working out (Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, etc.), get her a package of passes. Or, if money's tight, make her a motivational calendar or a music mix for her workouts.

Enjoys cooking? How about a new gourmet cook book, state-of-the-art blender, pastamaker, or a colorful spice rack laden with exotic blends such as Ceylon Cinnamon, Herbes de Provence, Indian Garam Masala and Szechuan Pepper.  

Knitter? Buy her a knitting book and some yarn in her favorite colors. You might even reap the reward of this gift in the end!

Got a greenthumb? How about garden tools, new bulbs, gardening books, gardening gloves, or decorations such as a water feature, birdbath or bird feeder?

Workaholic? Get her an organizer or calendar to keep her appointments straight. Volunteer to be her personal assistant for the day, crossing phone calls, errands, or mailings off her list. Treat her to a spa package to relax!

Has a knack for photography? Try a new digital camera, photography book, dark room supplies, printing paper, camera case, or a new specialty lens.

Avid hiker? Try a nice backpack, regional hiking guide, new hiking boots, compass, windbreaker, or thermos.

Collector? Try finding new pieces to their collection, whether it's stamps, coins, teapots or retro lunchboxes.

Aspiring interior decorator? Get a "how to" design book filled with tips and ideas for the home, a gift certificate to a home store that will allow Mom to flex her decorating muscles, or volunteer to paint the house the way Mom always wanted it.

Into arts and crafts? How about scrapbooking supplies, candle making kits, pottery wheel, needlecraft supplies, or a subscription to a craft magazine?

Movie fan? With the scent of the Oscars still in the air, make a collection of  the top 5 winning movies from any year for mom to watch on video or DVD. Or compile a set of movies featuring her favorite actor or actress.

Into games? How about a new family board game, chess set, puzzles, or a computer game that will intrigue Mom?

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