Henrico Tesla has been running gas-free for 1 year

Henrico Tesla has been running gas-free for 1 year

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Tesla is celebrating its one-year anniversary on Gaskins Road in Henrico.

"It's been a pretty exciting year. We've seen over 30,000 people come through our door in this first year," manager Geoff Meska said.

The company is establishing itself as one of the top car dealerships in the area. The cars operate completely on electric and not gas.

"The idea is that we are reducing carbon emission, so you have a fully sustainable vehicle you see reduction in both maintenance as well as obviously fuel cost," said Meska.

"I've owned Mercedes, Lexus, jaguars and when Tesla first put out their Model S, I figured I should give it a try," said customer John Hinshaw. "I immediately fell in love with it. I'm now considering my third Tesla."

Since the cars don't have engines, they come equipped with their own charging kit.

"Even if you in an apartment complex or a town home condo association or single-family home everyone has the ability to still charge up their vehicles," Meska said.

With multiple super charging stations in almost every state, you can drive anywhere with ease.

"Owners can get free unlimited super charging so all those super charges that go across the country, every time you plug in you're not paying for it. It's like getting free gas," said Meska.

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