Richmond parking can be paid for with an app

Richmond parking can be paid for with an app

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond will let motorists pay for parking using an app.

Passport Parking lets users get a four-digit PIN to use to indicate parking sessions in the app and pay for them directly.

A press release said the move is necessary to keep up with increasing traffic from residents and tourists in downtown Richmond.

Several signs mark the parking zones in the city. On the app, a user chooses the zone, their car and the amount of time they wish to purchase. Payment is taking directly on the app.

The app can be used for parking in more than 1,500 on-street spaces in Richmond, most of which are downtown.

Residents hope the app will help them avoid getting tickets.

"Running back and forth every two hours for parking puts a kind of strain on you because like any human being you can forget," said Richmond resident Walter Wilkins.

"I just had to pay the city of Norfolk like a hundred bucks for parking because I couldn't get there in two hours," said Harrison Wallace.

"I've gotten many a ticket," said Madeline King.

The service is already changed the way Wallace pays for parking

"I barely carry change anyway, I don't know who has that stuff anymore," said Wallace.

"It's going to be a lot easier so you can check yourself which is a good thing," said Wilkins.

Passport Parking can send alerts to a user's phone to indicate when a session is about to expire and allow it be extended from the app. Receipts will be sent to the user's e-mail.

"It's just less stressful because if my plans change and things take longer, then I can easily adjust the time," said King.

A tutorial on how to use the app is available on the city's YouTube's page.

Existing parking meters and pay stations will continue to be in use.

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